Feeding America is more challenging than ever

Senior man picking white grapes with scissors in his vineyard. Long lines of vine into infinity. His tractor in the distance.

How can you increase food production without adequate labor? With more American farms planning to hire and the industry competing with others that offer better pay, hours and benefits, it’s never been more difficult to find the right skilled and unskilled agricultural workers.

At TAC, we understand the pressures of the agriculture business—the stresses of land and commodity prices, production costs and crop yields, not to mention paying for health care. We have keen insight from more than 50 years of experience navigating the system and a dedicated team of experts to deliver medical benefits to meet your budget and the needs of your diverse workforce.

2 out of 3 farmers has a
pre-existing condition*

Source: Ohio State University

1 in 3 farms has a family member whose health problems make farming difficult*

Source: Ohio State University

Cost-effective, tailored medical benefits

We offer innovative programs and funding strategies that maximize value and reduce healthcare costs. We will find the right plan for you – or we will create it.

Small group medical

Large group medical

Voluntary benefits

Affordable, convenient care

TAC has a better way for you to provide affordable and convenient healthcare to your workers. 

  • No deductibles or copays
  • Personal advocate finds the right care for each employee
  • Wide network of virtual primary care doctors
  • 24/7 virtual access to mental health support

Our goal

To simplify employee benefits and help employers control escalating costs.

We remove the mystery, we tackle the administrative burdens, and we advocate for you and your employees so you’re not overwhelmed with exorbitant medical bills.

Young business people are discussing together a new startup project. A glowing light bulb as a new idea.

Inspired by challenges

TAC Benefits Group is inspired by the notion that medical costs do not have to escalate year after year. We make it our business to find creative strategies to answer one of employers’ most pressing problems—the high cost of health insurance.

Interested in ideas for saving on your employee health insurance?


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